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Breif History

Hashing originated in December 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, when a group of British colonial officers and expatriates began meeting on Monday evenings to run, in a fashion patterned after the traditional British Paper Chase or "Hare and Hounds", to rid themselves of the excesses of the previous weekend.



Run Times

we meet at 6pm each Monday night at various places around perth, you can see the locations on our Runs page.




$425 per year or $115 per quarter for members, $15 per run for visitors (after the first run, which is free).

Most runs have a drink stop, and beer and food are provided after the run.


To transfer money to West Coast Hash, use the following Westpac bank details:


Account name: West Coast Hash House Harriers Incorporated 


BSB : 036063

Account number : 392595



What sort of Distance do you run ?

Between 6km and 8km



Drink Stops ?

Where you stop on the run and have a drink.



How can i become a member ?

Just come along and chat to one of us or visit our "contact us" page 



Can i come along and see if it is for me ?

Yes, why not bring a friend, you can see were the next run is schduled on our "runs" tab

Your first run is free.



I'm a Visitor from out of town,can i join your run ?

Sure .. come along and meet us



How to contact other clubs ?

Just click on this link





Run Directions: To be in at least 1 month before your run. Don’t panic it’s run directions only (this means, the location eg, where we will meet), you don’t have to rekky the fucking thing yet


Site selection: If you score a winter run ensure there’s adequate cover for the hounds. If you’re fortunate enough to be granted the privilege of a summer run, look at areas where there’s bush trails etc


Can’t do the date set? If for some piss poor reason you can’t set your run on the allocated date, arrange to swap with someone and then let the Run Master know the changes. Don’t expect him to do your running around


Special event run: if you wish to combine a run with an event or theme (eg go-karting or taffy pulling) talk to Run Master or someone who owns up to being part of the committee


Rekkying Run: You should make the effort to get out and rekky your run twice (OK at least once!!) before the night. It should take about an hour and a half to walk/jog. Try and keep the hounds in a pack-don’t be afraid to use lots of false trails and checks and remember the magical hour, any run longer than that and the hounds turn very grumpy and bitch and whinge all the way home!


Things to Do:


Collect feet, mugs, watering can, plates, cutlery and pots


Wash all the above


Bring all the above to your run (the next week)


Ensure feet are out by 5.15pm the night of your run (and bring them fuckers in by 7.00pm)


Make up splash in watering can (that you’ve remembered to bring along – if you can’t find it ask Chisler to give it back) so it’s ready when the pack gets in


Put on food for the night, bought or made (it’s up to you) Tower really loves KFC


Clean tables and BBQ etc and pack away trailer at the end of the night


Make up extra splash if needed for down-downs


And leave wife and kids at home for the night.


Splash Recipe: 2 x bottles GB, 6 x Mid-strength cans, 6 x VB cans


How to set run: Use gyprock (plasterboard etc) to mark arrows, WCH3 are an arrow through a C or visa versa. Use flour or dunny paper in bush or on ovals. Checks are a C in a circle, False Trails are an FT (not in a circle-Back Door). There is usually chalk in the trailer, just ask the Splash if you need some


This section on arrows was submitted by - yes you guessed it, an engphuckinneer (are they always so logical?)


Arrows: The following Arrow etiquette should be applied when marking the trail:


Arrows should be placed at least every 2nd light pole and under the light.


Arrows should be on the same side of the road.


Select either the path or the road to mark arrows and maintain this throughout the run.


Virgin Run: Don’t be afraid to ask Run Master to arrange an experienced Hashman to help with run-site selection and/or help with rekkying the run, this way you can be assured that your run is fucked up by a proffessional.


Drink Stops: (Alcoholic preferably) Not essential………but very enjoyable. Its your call


If you’re uncertain on anything to do with your run or the night itself, don’t hesitate to ask someone )committee or otherwise. They’ll only be to pleased to tell you to go fuck yourself



The Hash Dictionary


A cunning trap to put the hounds off the trail and enables fat bastards to catch up.  Everyone (yeah, right!!) should check for marks in one of the available directions for the right trail.



Where, after the pack is home, everyone stands around in a circle drinking piss, hurling abuse at the On Sec and RA – and any other prick that wants to suffer the humiliation of attempting to say something to his fellow hashers that may be important.



The act of consuming a full mug of ‘splash’ in one or less gulps.  If you don't get it down, the balance should be poured over your head.  Newcummers, leavers, celebrants, and anyone who deserves it (or not), is invited to do a down-down.


False Trail

A cleverly laid piece of trail that goes absolutely f**king nowhere.  Similar purpose to the ‘check’ in that it allows fat bastards to get back prior to the opening of the chips.  FRBs usually hide at the end of the False Trail to get the fat bastards to do some more running – particularly if it means they have to run a hill.



Front Running Bastard.  FRB's are those weirdo's who actually enjoy serious running.  Often come close to committing punishable offences such as competitiveness.


Grand Master (GM)

A member of the loud-mouthed bunch of idiots who call themselves the Hash Committee.  Leader of the festivities.



The person or persons who lay the trail.  They are totally responsible for any f**k-ups that occur and are therefore eligible to receive rewards at the ‘Circle’.


Hash Splash

Committee member responsible for keeping the Hash supplied with ice-cold splash and piss every week.


Hash Cash

Our treasurer.  Find this person and PAY YOUR SUBS!


Hash Horn

Carried by a trusted member of the pack, it's an old bugle (or something similar) used to rally the pack.


Hash Joke

The On Sec


Hash Committee

The group of incompetents who are responsible for the order/disorder of the Hash.


Are you?

Cry for help from a hound (usually a fat bastard who has fallen behind) who is not on the trail and wants to know if anyone else is.  The reply should be either “LOOKING” if looking for a lost trail; "CHECKING" if searching for the trail after a ‘check’ or "ON ON" if on trail.


On On

Called during the run when you are on the trail (when a trail mark is seen).  The call assists the rear runners who may not be able to see the FRB's, but at least can hear them.  


Religious Advisor (RA)

The one who is responsible for guarding the morals of the Hash and ensuring that all offenders, both real and imagined, are dealt with in the proper manner.



A delightful mix of piss and ginger beer used for the down-downs.  


Short Cutting Bastard (SCB)

To be a successful SCB requires great skill, cunning and years of experience.  For the inexperienced, beware!  If you are caught, you will be humiliated in the Circle.


Trail Marks

Chalk marks (usually chalk, flour or bog tissue) used by the Hare to indicate trail direction (or misdirection).  Pay attention to them!



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