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Based in Perth, Western Australia (and mainly running in the north western suburbs) West Coast Hash House Harriers’ was formed on 6th of May 2002, when 12 like-minded hashmen felt a change in policy was in order and so banded together to form WCH3.


We are a male only club, nothing against females… if you are female (or harbor tendencies of one day becoming one), we are not the club for you. There are mixed and female clubs, so go annoy them .


We are a small but very personable group of hashers, with an average age of around 50. We maintain this by ritualistically culling off members when they reach 65.


We are very much a “running” based club, although we are sometimes forced to turn some crippled hashmen out to pasture…this band of has-beens now form the basis of the loathsome “Walkers” AKA “Wankers”.


Our runs are of excellent quality, the food always sensational and as with all Hash clubs’, the company somewhat dubious. Generally the runs are 6-8kms long and more often than not include a drink-stop, those Hares that don’t adhere to our “strict” guidelines are sent to one of the other Perth hash clubs that don’t give a toss about the quality of the runs .


So if you feel like having a run with a bunch of blokes who enjoy a good run, a few tasty beverages and food after and socialise on a regular basis…what do you have to lose? Come try us out….your first run is free…remember…..

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